ACAY founder Sr. Sophie de Jesus named Chevalière in the French Legion of Honor [fr]

French Ambassador Nicolas Galey presented the insignia with the rank of "chevalier" (knight) of the French Legion of Honor to Sister Sophie de Jesus, founder of the Association Compassion Asian Youth (ACAY) during a ceremony organized at the French Residence in Manila last May 30, 2018.


Named "chevlière" (knight) in France’s National Order of Merit in 2013, Sister Sophie is the founder of the humanitarian association, ACAY - a French-Philippine NGO that aims to give youths in difficulty a second chance at life through innovative education programs.

Born in Grenoble and a resident of the Philippines since 1995, Sister Sophie worked with communities affected by the passage of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in Tacloban in 2013, which led to the death of over 8,000 persons. ACAY implemented psychological support, especially for children, in the form of post-traumatic symptom management sessions. The association also took part in the reconstruction of Tacloban through various income-generating projects for the families in the community, such as microfinance projects, the replenishment of livestock, and vocational training workshops.



"In nearly 25 years, you have been in the service of the poorest with your perseverance, perseverance and unwavering determination. Your actions present the Philippines with the best image of France and its values of humanity and generosity," the Ambassador said during his speech.

Dernière modification : 13/11/2018

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