Archaeological Mission in Northern Philippines

On the occasion of the annual excavation campaign led by Professor Thomas Ingicco of the Museum of Paris, French Ambassador Thierry Mathou traveled to the archaeological sites of Cagayan Valley, as well as the Callao Cave, in the Administrative Region of Cagayan in Northern Luzon, last July 18 and 19, 2017.

3 scientific projects of interest, in cooperation with the Museum of Paris, are ongoing in the Philippines, :

- Mr. François Sémah, Professor at the Department of Prehistory, focuses his activities on the Tabon Cave in Palawan, in collaboration with the National Museum of the Philippines.

- The MARCHE Project (Archaeological Mission in the Philippines - Origins, Nature, and Diversity of the First Settlements of the Philippines) takes place in the Kalinga Region of Northern Luzon. Thomas Ingicco, the leader of this project, directly receives the authorisation of the National Museum. The project has been co-financed by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs since 2014, amounting to 9,000 euros in 2017 which principally covers the costs of the excavation campaigns undertaken annually. The project also benefits from the financial support of National Geographic and the logistical and material support of the National Museum.

- Florent Detroit, expert at the Museum of Paris, studies the Callao Cave of the Cagayan region, a site under the responsibility of the Archaeological Studies Program of the University of the Philippines and financed by donations from the private foundation of British paleontologist Louis Leakey.

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