Audiovisual and ITC Cooperation

Audiovisual cooperation in the Philippines is focused on cinema, a dynamic sector in full swing catalyzed by the innovations brought about by digitalization, and on an institutional level, through the initiatives taken by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), to preserve the audiovisual heritage and to promote new creations.

Local film production is a hundred years old, having known its golden age in the 60s-70s. With the dawn of digital cinema, a new breed of filmmakers is showcasing Filipino talent in international film festivals. Among these directors are Brillante Mendoza who won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 with his film “Kinatay” and who recently directed Isabelle Huppert in “Captive”. His most recent film, “Thy Womb” garnered praises at the Mostra in Venice. Meanwhile, Auraeus Solito’s “Busong” which was part of the Quinzaine des Realisateurs 2011 won the Grand Prize at the National Geographic’s Film Festival.

The Film Development Council of the Philippines, under the leadership of Chariman Briccio Santos has launched an ambitious program to help promote the local film industry. The FDCP has taken initiatives to organize a nationwide film festival to enhance the awareness of the public about contemporary Philippine cinema. Dubbed “Sineng Pambansa”, the festival showcases a diverse program that includes classic and new films by Filipino Directors. Recently, in its aim to promote cultural diversity, the FDCP has also included an international section in the festival. The French Embassy supports this initiative by providing films, from the catalogue of the Institut Francais in the program of the festival.

The French Embassy works in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and with the support of the FDCP to organize training workshops on the production of documentary films, facilitated by French experts from the Ateliers Varan and their German counterparts.

Most importantly, the French Embassy assists the FDCP in its priority project to establish a National Film Archives by providing French expertise from the CNC and sending Filipino archivists for training at the INA in Paris. A cooperation agreement is awaiting signature between the FDCP and the CNC.

Cultural Counselor Yves ZOBERMAN
Audiovisual Attaché Martin MACALINTAL

Telephone: +(632) 857 6900 / 6918 / 6922

Fax: +(632) 857 6956


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Dernière modification : 06/10/2015

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