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Campus France is an agency created by the French Ministries of National Education and Foreign Affairs in 1998. It aims at promoting French Higher Education abroad and to facilitate and ensure the quality of foreign students’ studies in France.

Ensuring quality in every phase of the foreign student experience is Campus France’s top priority. That experience begins well before admission and enrolment. Is accurate information on programs in France readily available? Is it possible to apply online? Are students getting all the information they need to prepare for departure, to settle in to life in France and to plan their return home?

Aside from its head office in Paris, Campus France has a network of local offices in different countries spread across the five continents in the world. In the Philippines, the Campus France office in Manila helps Filipino students define and carry out their plans for studying in France.


The Campus France Education Counsellor in the Philippines has the following responsibilities:

- Promotion of French higher education in the Philippines by holding education fairs, school presentations, education counselling and implementing marketing programs;
- Providing information to students seeking higher education opportunities in France by helping them to define their study goals, choose the right schools, choose the right programs;
- Providing assistance in the processing of students’ applications to the different French institutions;
- Providing assistance with the students’ document preparation for required visa and residence permits;
- Providing assistance in finding accommodations for students leaving for France.

Campus France Philippines offers free educational consultation services to everyone who wants to know how they can pursue higher education in France.

For more information on Campus France or
to set an appointment with the Philippine representative for Campus France:
(02) 857 6900

- For more information on educational cooperation and programs between France and the Philippines, click here.

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