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The Press, Communication, and Information Section of the Embassy of France is attached to the Direction of Communication and Press, under the authority of the Spokesperson of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Under the Ambassador’s authority, its mission is to explain and comment on positions taken by the French government concerning international matters. One of its objectives is to inform the Philippines about France in its various aspects: institutional, social, economic, technological, scientific, and cultural. It also addresses the local press and foreign correspondents in the country to communicate France’s initiatives in the Philippines.

The section is actively involved in political analysis while gathering all facts which would likely help in the better understanding of domestic politics and its regional environment, especially in relations with France, Europe and the francophone world.

Press Counselor Christine CAROLE
Press Attaché Camille CONDE
Communications Assistant and Webmaster

Telephone: +632 857 6900 loc. 6916


Dernière modification : 25/10/2016

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