Cultural Thursdays: A musical conference on the life of Hector Berlioz [fr]

As part of the monthly Les Jeudis culturels (Cultural Thursdays) organized by the Embassy of France to the Philippines and the Alliance française de Manille, French conductor Michaël Cousteau will conduct a free musical lecture on the life and works of French composer Hector Berlioz entitled “Ma vie est un roman qui m’intéresse beaucoup” (“My Life is a Novel that Fascinates Me”) on October 24, 2019 at the Alliance Française de Manille.


On the eve of the "Berlioz and Friends" concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Michaël Cousteau takes us back through time through musical extracts, which he himself will perform on the piano, and primary documents to relive the life of Hector Berlioz, who is widely regarded as the inventor of the modern orchestra and who gained a reputation as an innovative composer whose unconventional body of work and exuberance made him a hero of romanticism in France, alongside writer Victor Hugo and painter Georges Delacroix.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Cocktails start at 7:00 PM, followed by the musical lecture at 8:00 PM.

Limited seats only. Registration is a MUST:

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Les Jeudis culturels (Cultural Thursdays) was launched in 2018 by the Embassy of France to the Philippines and the Alliance Française de Manille as a monthly cultural rendez-vous to promote contemporary French art and provide a platform for cultural collaborations between artists through music, theater, dance, poetry, gastronomy, and other art forms.

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