DepEd organizes training for high school French language teachers [fr]

French Embassy Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Jean-Jacques Forté and University and Linguistic Attaché Emma Briffaut visited the National Educators Academy of the Philippines in Marikina City last October 23. Upon the invitation of Senior Education Program Specialist Wenda Fajardo of the Department of Education, they were able to interact with secondary level teachers of the French language from high schools in the National Capital Region and in Region 7 (Central Visayas).

More than 30 teachers, both in the beginner and advanced levels, participated in linguistic trainings and workshops on various topics, such as developing a lesson plan and teaching French grammar through an action-oriented approach. These instructors will be teaching French in eighth and ninth grade classes at 12 public science high schools in Metro Manila and in the Cebu region.

Established in 2009, the Special Program in Foreign Language (SPFL) has made it possible for the French Embassy and the Department of Education to work hand in hand in increasing the number of high schools offering French classes in the Philippines.

Since 2018, training courses for French language teachers have been organized at the Alliance Française de Manille and the Alliance Française de Cebu, with financial support from the embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Section (SCAC). These courses aim to increase the number of French language instructors in the Philippines, as well as to expand their knowledge not only of the language, but also of the francophone culture.

Ultimately, the objective is to train teachers for them to eventually become themselves trainers.

Evident during the workshops were the enthusiasm, innovative method of instruction, and love for the French language exemplified by the Association of French Professors of the Philippines led by its president Faith Cao, one of the trainers of the session.

The Embassy looks forward to expanding this program to other regions and increasing the number of schools offering French elective classes, as well as to raise the possibility of teaching French to sixth and seventh grade classes.

All these actions demonstrate a common will of the Philippine and French governments to work towards the development of a true French-speaking ecosystem in the Philippines.

Dernière modification : 05/11/2019

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