Economic Service [fr]

Attached to the French Embassy, the Economic Service is part of the international network of the French Treasury (Direction Générale du Trésor).

This network is composed of professionals involved, through their roots in Bercy, in the crafting of economic and commercial policies. It responds to the needs of the State in terms of economic intelligence, international negotiation, and the analysis of macroeconomic, financial, and public policies.

The Economic Services abroad are mobilised in supporting the internationalisation of French companies, contributing to the attractiveness of doing business in France, and assuring the promotion of ongoing reforms in the economic policy of the government. It coordinates the entirety of local actors in the economic sector, in the forefront of which is Business France.

Head of the Economic Service Olivier GINEPRO
Deputy Camille CHABE
Address Rufino Pacific Tower
Unit 34 A & B
6784 Ayala Avenue,
Makati City, Philippines
Telephone +632 8 811 1001

Dernière modification : 15/10/2019

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