Fête de la Musique: Living the Music Together! [fr]


Friday, June 19
6pm onwards
Fête Kick-Off Party
My Name is Nobody
Skypark, SM Aura Premier, Taguig
Saturday, June 20
3:30pm onwards
A-venue Open Parking and Greenbelt 3 Park, Makati City
Sunday, June 21
4pm onwards
Puerta Real, Intramuros, Manila

Fête de la Musique #fdlm has been scheduled at the unique and symbolic date of June 21st, day of the summer solstice. This huge, free popular event welcomes every musician of any background, to celebrate music and promote diversity in musical practices. It speaks to everyone and allows people to become familiar with different musical expressions.

Here, in the Philippines, the Fête de la Musique aims to showcase the breadth and depth of Filipino talent while promoting universal values such as freedom, cultural diversity as well as generosity. The spirit of Fête also promotes brotherhood among nations and the joy to share together the same passion for music, art and culture.

This year marks the 34th installment of Fête de la Musique worldwide. Music inspires and brings people together. Sharing, joy, celebration… Valor which built those musical moments year after year and which has contributed to make Fête de la Musique a big celebration of living, together. Consequently, the theme of #fdlm this year will be Live the Music together.

The Fête de la Musique celebration will start with a bang on June 19, with a Kick-Off Party at SKYPARK, SM Aura Premier, Taguig at 6pm featuring the French Indie folk band duo My Name Is Nobody. For the first time in the Philippines #fdlm will have a 2-day celebration, Fête will officially commence on June 20, Saturday on the following venues: A-Venue Parking Lot on Makati Avenue, Greenbelt 3 Park and Greenbelt 5 Roof deck. On Sunday, June 21, Fête will continue in Puerta Real in Intramuros.

Several pocket stages will be also organized around Makati and Intramuros for people to freely jump from one venue to another, making the #fdlm more festive.

Please see below the line-up for the main stages and the pocket stages of #fdlm


A-Venue Open Parking Main Stage - 4:00pm Onwards

Virlanie Children’s Choir | Kettle Mata | Chocolate Grass feat. Pasta Groove | Stick Figgaz feat. Abra and Uela | Lady-I feat. Jun Lopito | French Ambassador | My Name is Nobody (FR) | Autotelic | Kontra Gapi | Bleu Rascals feat. Nicole Asensio | Kjwan feat. Basti Artadi | Brigada

Greenbelt 3 Park Main Stage - 3:30pm Onwards

Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community + Flow Arts PH | CRWN | Bratpack | Aeon Mapa & the Good Love | Kalayo | Basti Artadi & the Jazzy Bastards | People’s Future + Duende | Goodleaf | Flippin’ Soul Stompers | Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas | Motherbass


Rock Stage by Red Ninja at BSIDE (Indoor)

Reklamo | Dicta License | Absolute Play | Talata | Lions and Acrobats | Vie | Severo | Tonight We
Sleep | Arcadia | Nanay Mo | Imelda | Sirens

Reggae and Ska Stage by Foolmoon at BSIDE (Outdoor)

Reggae Mistress | Collie Herb | Chocolate Factory | Engkanto | Dreadknot Used | Tea4Two | Coffeebreak Island | Jeepney Joyride | Nyte in Tunisia | Barrio Morning Glory | Sidhi | B2ska

House Party Stage by Riot House | Durrty Hotdog | Personal Space Productions at


Italo | Mecha | Hotdog Djs | Angelo Mendez | Zombettes | Bin5


Supermikki | Samantha Nicole | Red I | CRWN & Jessica Connely | Don P | Tollo

at BLACK MARKET (Finders Keepers)

Disco Daddy | Boyet Sison | Arbie Won | Supreme Fist | DJ Umph

Acoustic Stage at A-Space Manila

Toni B. | Glaiza de Castro | Basti Artadi | Aia de Leon | Inky de Dios | Abra | Mariel Wang | Juan Miguel Sever | Half a Stranger | Manskee | The Sun
Manager | Reese Lansangan | LIME | Aleph | Slow Hello | Maya’s Anklet | Sud Ballecer | Hannah + Gabi

Feel Good Stage by Siesta Sessions at 71 GRAMERCY

DJ Umph | DJ Rye | DJ Supreme Fist | DJ Tom Turner | DJ Abdel Aziz | DJ Euric

Experimental + Art Stage by Starving Artist Ph at LOKAL HOSTEL

BP Valenzuela | Like Animals | Skint Eastwood | SNRG | Aeon Mapa | Wilderness | Dott Seki | Joee & I | C:Program | Soul BRK | Rhxanders Live Art Basic Lee | Tokwa | Anjo Bolarda | Deejae Paeste

Blues / Soul / Funk Stage by Mamborat at H & J

Kosmiksala | Chocolate Grass | Lady High | Conscious and the Goodness | Ian Lofamia Band | Golden Sound
(AUS) | Kala

Latin Stage by Salsa Fanatics at CHIHUAHUA

Roland Amoussou (Dr. Salsa - Paris / Bangkok) | Jonathan Picayo

Blues Stage at Cafe Curieux

Virlanie Foundation | Anyo | Stma | Jun Lopito | Runaway Boys

Indie Stage by NDFY | Vandals On The Wall | DocDef at 12 MONKEYS

Austin | Brisom | BP Valenzuela | Cinema Explosion | Curtismith | Dayaw | Fairwell Fair Weather | Flying Ipis | Fools & Foes | Lions & Acrobats | Ninno | Oh! Flamingo! | Pitik | The Purplechickens | The Raes | The Strangeness | Tom’s Story | We Are Imaginary

Electronica Stage by Nomad Massive
at TIME (Main Room - House & Techno)
D:Polair (FR) | El Rubio | Abdel Aziz | Badkiss | Erwin Edralin & Jack Bates | Miguel Libre | Emel Rowe/Pav Parrotte | Alinep/Martin Lugtu

at TIME (Roof Deck - Beats & Bass)

Skratchworx | Daveman | Evo Evolver | Br3aking Silence | Toro | Helen | Womb | f dog 13 | God Machine | DBT

World Stage by Musikeraw at M CAFE

Tambol Bayan | Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community | Rice Lucido | Flow Arts PH | SlowDough | Talahib | Navy Blue Pants | Kartel at Lion and the Scouts | Kontra Gapi | Wilderness | Ukelele Philippines | Viplava | DJ Christman | DJ Daveman | Artist

MOD Stage by Manila Soul Club at ALCHEMY

Blue Jean Junkies | Neighbors | Flippin’ Soul Stompers | Dandimites | Steady Movin’ Beat | Rod Mijares Combo | Nameless Heroes | Kontra Tiempo | Sundown Muse | Ian Penn | The Royal | Hilera | Goodleaf | Dragon Fly Collector | Sgt. Vez | Shane Cosgrove | Boy Butengteng | PapaMod | Minister Zero

Hiphop & RnB Stage by Philippine All Stars at TREEHOUSE

Philippine All Stars | Original Flava | SAS Crew | Mike Swift | Tukar Sinati | Nathan J | Tha Project | Pikasso | Microphone Mechanics | Q-York | Legit Misfits | LDP | Abra

Jazz Stage by PI Jazz Festival at ST. GILES HOTEL

Christian Herve | Ray & Ayi | Jazzyphar & Vinson | Coolanja Tribe | Turning Point | Megan Aguilar Nino Mendoza | Dream Girls (Carina Dignos, Cyzel Fermin, Kathy Mas) | Margaux Salcedo | Megan Herrera | Stella Ignacio | Sandra Lim Viray | Jeri de Leon | Jun Viray | Rey Infante

Poetry Unplugged Stage by Elemental at SATINKA NATURALS

Joee & I | Dott Seki | Tim Davison | Six the North Star | Mono Temple | Omni Saroca | Kim Tom | Romancing Venus | Kooky Tuason | Marty Tengco | Charms Tianzon | Opaline Santos | Julie Bautista | Leloi Arcete | Jay Bordon

Punk Stage by One Rizal Production at MUZACK MUSIC HALL AND SPORTS BAR

Throw | Goo Go Signals | Republicats | Give Chance to Run | Isidro Project | Turnovers | Red Mean Stop | Fastpace | Riflekid | Punkober | Small Hands


Puerta Real Gardens Main Stage - 4:00pm Onwards

Noli Aurillo | Viplava | Leo & the Tolstoys (Intramuros Rising) | Shutterlife (Intramuros Rising) | Ransom Collective | Farewell Fair Weather | Save Me Hollywood | Reggae Mistress | Pedicab


Nu Jazz Stage by SATB | PI Jazz Festival at HYATT CITY OF DREAMS
Alvin Cornista Trio with Dave Harder and Mel Santos

Come all to contribute to the success of this event that is celebrated worldwide!

For more information about #fdlm, contact us through M. Noe Fuentes, Alliance Française Cultural Coordinator at nfuentes@alliance.ph or log on to:

Alliance Française de Manille
Embassy of France in the Philippines
Department of Tourism

Facebook pages:
Alliance Française de Manille
Embassy of France in the Philippines
Department of Tourism
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