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Created in October 2009 through the initiative of French authorities and associations, France Volontaires now operates in the Philippines.

Previously called the Association Française des Volontaires du Progrès (AFVP), France Volontaires is given the new mission of promoting and developing various forms of commitments falling within the scope of the International Exchange and Solidarity Programmes (V.I.E.S).

France Volontaires is present in 55 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and continues AFVP’s mission to dispatch volunteers for international solidarity programmes.

In these countries, France Volontaires develops a network of offices called “Espaces Volontariats.” This network aims to address the needs of volunteers, partner organizations and actors of international solidarity through information, counseling, exchanges of practices and meetings.

For more practical information about volunteering, please check France Volontaire’s official website.

In Asia, the Philippines is the second host country in terms of volunteers under the International Solidarity Volunteering Programme (VSI), but the country is also the host to many volunteers working under varying conditions. French-Filipino organizations welcome about 300 French volunteers every year – or foreign volunteers working under a French volunteering programme.

In order to accompany, reinforce and promote French volunteering, France Volontaires is setting up in 2013 its office in Manila, to be called the “Espace Volontariats Philippines.” Both a physical and virtual place, the “Espace Volontariats” aims to be a friendly place with the objective of informing, guiding, training and networking all the actors of volunteerism.

Under development, the “Espace Volontariats Philippines” is already helping and listening to the volunteers, their host organizations and volunteer-sending organizations, and to everyone in the Philippines who come to get involved in a development and/or international solidarity project.

The “Espace Volontariats” offers the following services:

- Inform about the different international voluntary and solidarity-based commitment programmes
- Guide the host organizations and volunteer-sending organizations willing to welcome volunteers
- Link the different actors according to their needs and their scope of action
- Network volunteers and local host organizations through formal and informal exchanges and meetings
- Organize trainings for the actors of volunteerism (thematic workshops and meetings)

For more information about V.I.E.S. (International Solidarity Volunteering Programmes) in the Philippines, do not hesitate to contact the “Espace Volontariats”:
Tel : +63 (0)927 43 26 498

Dernière modification : 28/06/2013

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