French + Sciences Program

The French + Sciences is a research-based educational program that encourages participants to experiment, share, discover, debate and reflect on science and technology, and is a unique opportunity to build a strong network in these scientific fields.

It is designed for international English-speaking students in the field of science, who may be complete beginners in French (the scientific content is 100% taught in English).

This 3 to 4-week program brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, start-up, scientists, educators, and researchers and provides an overview of French technological know-how in cutting-edge sectors such as sustainable development, green energy, sea sciences and technologies, microtechnology, and biomedical engineering.


Learn more by downloading the material below:
PDF - 93.1 kb
French + Sciences 2019 flyer
(PDF - 93.1 kb)
PDF - 182.4 kb
French + Sciences 2019 brochure
(PDF - 182.4 kb)

Dernière modification : 16/10/2019

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