French frigate "Guépratte" arrives in Manila [fr]

The French warship "Guépratte" docked in Manila on May 4 for a goodwill visit until May 7, 2016, during which the ship’s crew, led by Commanding Officer Claire Pothier, participated in a series of joint exercises with the Philippine Navy.

First commissioned in 2001, the Guépratte is the last of five La Fayette Class stealth frigates. This warship is recognized for its versatility and capability to perform a wide range of missions, including humanitarian operations, maritime surveillance, information gathering, covert deployment of special forces, and integration into any aero-naval task force.

125 meters in length and 15.40 meters in width, the Guépratte is equipped with Exocet missiles, anti-surface and anti-air radars, and an embarked Panther Standard 2 helicopter for anti-surface warfare.

Dernière modification : 31/07/2019

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