French humanitarian aid for Palu, Indonesia (October 5, 2018)

Following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu, Indonesia on September 28, Indonesia launched a call for international aid on October 2, particularly activating the European Civil Protection Mechanism. As the President of the Republic has committed, France has mobilized to meet the specific and detailed needs expressed by the Indonesian authorities.

The Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS) of the French Ministry of for Europe and Foreign Affairs is coordinating the dispatch of humanitarian aid and of personnel, including 43 firemen and officials from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, to the affected area. A humanitarian cargo, which left France at noon last Saturday, includes a water treatment unit supplied and operated by the French Ministry of Interior. It will be deployed in Palu to provide potable water to 80 000 persons each day and to cover nearly half of the total potable water needs indicated by the Indonesian government. It also includes 18 generators provided by Electriciens sans frontiers (Electricians without Borders) and the CDCS, as well as water purification units given by the Veolia Foundation and the Suez-Aquassistance Foundation as part of the humanitarian partnership they signed with the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs on December 19, 2017. Also included in this humanitarian cargo are water purification tablets provided by the non-government organization Secours Islamique France (SIF).

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