His Excellency Ambassador Nicolas GALEY

Nicolas GALEY, born on November 18, 1960

Diploma from Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo Paris)
Former student at the École Nationale d’Administration, 1988

Positions held

- École Nationale d’Administration, 1986-1988
- Second and subsequently, First Secretary in Algiers (Algeria), 1988-1991
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Middle East Coordinator, Directorate for Cultural Relations and Science and Technology, 1991-1993
- Adviser to the Minister’s Office, 1993-1995
- First Secretary and subsequently, Second Counselor at the French Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, 1995-1999
- Deputy Chief of Mission, French Embassy in Egypt, 1999-2002
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assistant Director of Egypt and the Levant, Directorate for Middle-East and North Africa, 2002-2004
- Counselor to the Minister’s Office, 2004
- Deputy Director of the Minister’s Office, 2004-2005
- Ambassador to Cyprus, 2007-2009
- Counselor at the Diplomatic Office of the French President, 2009-2012
- Ambassador to Egypt, 2012-2014
- Ambassador, Interministerial Delegate for the Mediterranean, 2014-2017
- Ambassador to the Philippines and in Micronesia since December 6, 2017

Awards and Honors

Knight of the French Legion of Honour

Other languages spoken


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