Human and Environment Interactions Forum [fr]

Dans le cadre de la coopération scientifique et universitaire entre la France et les Philippines, l’Ambassade de France aux Philippines a organisé lundi 26 novembre 2018, en collaboration avec le National Museum, un forum en sciences sociales sur les formes d’interaction de l’être humain avec son environnement, ainsi que l’influence de l’environnement sur l’être humain et l’évolution de cette interaction.

This forum provided a venue for exchanges between French and Filipino researchers specializing in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, sociology and geography. The morning session was dedicated to the study of human-environment interactions through time, particularly during the prehistoric era, by bringing together a panel of experts from the National Museum, the University of the Philippines, the De La Salle University, the University of Cambridge, and France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

The study of human-environment interactions within the context of contemporary challenges was likewise discussed during an interactive session that focused on resilience, as well as on the link between development and the vulnerability of populations in the face of natural risks. NGOs, universities, government officials, and students participated in this session on research and exchanges.

Finally, this forum allowed participants to explore future perspectives in French-Philippine collaboration in research, particularly in climate-related fields.

Dernière modification : 07/04/2021

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