International Seminar on Combating Child Sexual Exploitation [fr]

Last 18 to 21 June, France organized a seminar in Singapore which brought together nearly 100 experts from 24 countries, including the Philippines, on the theme of combating the sexual exploitation of minors.

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A hundred experts from 24 countries discussed how to better cooperate to prevent and tackle child sexual exploitation

In Southeast Asia, child sexual exploitation has taken an unprecedented upscale. The emerging countries of this region have poor communities, which provides an ideal breeding ground for the rapid growth of this phenomenon, still not widely known by the international community.

Faced with the upsurge of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, France, in connexion the European Criminal Police agency EUROPOL, within its EMPACT program (Priority Child Sexual Exploitation) has decided to organize an international and technical seminar dedicated to this theme in Singapore from 18th to 21st June 2019.

The conference, which is orchestrated by the central unit for the protection of minors of the central directorate (OCRVP) of the French judicial police, was opened on 18th June by Mr. Jérôme Bonet, head of the Criminal Investigation Department at France’s Ministry of Interior.

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Mr. Jérôme Bonet, head of the Criminal Investigation Department at France’s Ministry of Interior, opening the seminar on combating child sexual exploitation

During the four days, no less than a hundred specialists, from 24 countries including the Philippines, worked on the theme : "From the screen of offender’s computer to the place where victims are abused : better detecting, identifying, investigating and fighting the financing". The main objective is to encourage an international structured and efficient network of cooperation promoting the exchange and sharing of information between the authorities active in the zone in the fight against child sexual exploitation.

This international seminar, led by the French Ministry of the Interior, will bring together four Domestic Security Departments based in the French Embassies of Singapore, India, Vietnam and Thailand. These departments, that cover 15 countries, were commissioned to identify and invite the police officers in charge of the fight against this phenomenon in each country.

Important internet partners such as Facebook and other digital players will come to explain how their teams, in this area in particular, can collaborate with investigators.

Source: Embassy of France in Singapore

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