La Page Culturelle: In the time of quarantine [fr]

We offer art and culture to cope as we live through this pandemic. Through La Page Culturelle, the Embassy of France and the Alliance française de Manille invite the French community in the Philippines, francophones, francophiles and our Filipino friends to discover, without leaving your homes, a selection of artistic programs made available online by French cultural institutions in the visual arts, performing arts, music, cinema, and literature.



[NEW] Culture Prime: Barbet Schroeder The American

Le réalisateur est une figure majeure du cinema français depuis plus de 60 ans. Mais Barbet Schroeder a aussi marqué le cinéma de Hollywood dans les années 1990 avec sept films (dont "Le Mystère Von Bülow" ou "JF partagerait appartement").

While Director Barbet Schroeder has been an important figure in French cinema for the past 60 years, he has also made his mark in Hollywood, particularly in the 1990s through seven films, which include "Le Mystère Von Bülow" ("Reversal of Fortune") and "JF partagerait appartement" ("Single White Female").

On the occasion of the 46th Deauville Festival of American Cinema which honors Barbet Schroeder’s career in the United States, the French director looks back on his years spent in Hollywood.

Le Double amour, a silent film by Jean Epstein

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© Cinémathèque française

The countess Laure Maresco falls in love with a player, Jacques Prémont-Solène, who is losing a large amount of money and contemplating suicide. Laure stops him before discovering that he had squandered the proceeds from a charity ball that she had organized. Jacques’ family sends the young man to America to avoid scandal. Twenty years later, having made his fortune, he returns.

The film was restored and archived in 1986 by Renée Lichtig through the original negatives which had been conserved at the Cinémathèque française since 1958. In 2009, with the aid of the French-American Cultural Fund, the original tints were re-introduced thanks to two items in the collection: a tinted copy from the period and the original negative. Moreover, this nitrate copy allowed the reintroduction of some plans and inserts which were missing in the 1986 restoration. In 2013, the film was digitized and scored by Karol Beffa. The Vectracom laboratory led the digitalization while the L’Immagine ritrovata laboratory in Bologne led the synchronization.


Human: A film by Yann-Arthus Bertrand

What makes us human? Is it the fact of loving, is it the fact of struggling? Is it laughter? Crying? Our curiosity? Our quest for discovery?

Driven by these questions, director and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent three years collecting the stories of over 2,000 women and men from 60 countries. With his passionate team of translators, journalists and cameramen, Yann has captured in-depth the emotions and issues that unite us all: the struggles against poverty, war, homophobia and the future of our planet, mixed with moments of love and happiness.

Yann-Arthus Bertrand offers free access to his full-feature film online:


[NEW] Create your own comics with BDnF!


2020 had been declared by the French Ministry of Culture as the Year of Comics to promote the 9th art and encourage reading and writing comics. As several of the events this year have been either cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, the celebration has thus been extended until June 2021.

During the quarantine, the National Library of France had made available an application to create comics, graphic novels and any composition mixing text and illustrations.

The BDnF app offers the possibilty of creating comics through the use of visual elements and various images taken from the heritage collections of the Library. Opera scenes from the 19th century or photographs by Eugene Atget, mysterious characters taken from medieval manuscripts or posters from the Belle Epoque are among the iconographic resources that may be used alongside one’s own drawings of pictures.

The BDnF application is available for free for computers, tablets and a simplified version for mobile.


Films pour enfants (Films for Children)

The Films pour Enfants association aims to offer access to animated films to children all over the world, ranging from poetic films to raise the child’s awareness of artistic practices to educational films to complement classes taught in school. Through the Internet, Films pour Enfants increases the visibility of auteur films that are otherwise inaccessible through traditional broadcast media.

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See the selection on the Films pour Enfants website by clicking on the image above.


Culture Prime : The Origin of the Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is finding freedom in this time of quarantine. If biking today is taken for granted, it is actually an invention that took a century of innovations to develop.

The new digital platform offer 100% cultural video content provided by the 6 government audiovisual operators available on social networks.

Everyday content is produced and posted by the partners in the digital universe under the same graphic identity. Each week, they are offered on the internet for the public to discover for learning and distraction.

This network brings together cultural institutions such as the National Library of France, the Comedie Francaise, the Pompidou Center, the Louvre, the Paris Opera, the Avignon Festival and many more to come...


5 things you didn’t know about the Notre-Dame de Paris

The world was moved by the fire that almost destroyed the Notre Dame of Paris in 2019. While unable to climb the bell towers, let us pay a visit to Quasimodo to better understand its history...




French E-books and audiobooks online

Have you read all the books on your shelves? Check out the online French e-book and audiobook resources recommended by ActuaLitté!




[NEW] Culture Prime: Hip-hop and baroque, adequately perfect

Why does hip-hop go well with baroque music? Here is the response of choreographer Mourad Merzouki and conductor Franck-Emmanuel Comte.

Read more in French:

"Vers le silence": A documentary on the orchestra of the Paris Opera

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© OnP / Les Films Pelléas

After the release of the documentary "The Opera" in April 2017, director Jean-Stephane Bron followed the Musical Director of the Paris Opera, Philippe Jordan, and the orchestra of the Paris Opera throughout its rehearsals of the 9th Symphony of Gustav Mahler, whose performance is paradoxically founded... on silence.


Zizi Jeanmaire, the Queen of the Music Hall

The famous French music hall singer Zizi Jeanmaire passed away last July 17 at the age of 96. Known as the “Petit rat” ("Little rat") of the Opera and later, celebrated for her "Truc en Plumes" (“Thing with feathers”), Zizi Jeanmaire blurred the lines between classical dance and the music hall throughout the course of a remarkably long career.

We knew her mostly for her "Truc en plumes," but she was much more than that music hall favorite. Zizi Jeanmaire is the Queen of Cabaret.


Pierre Boulez: The Influence of Art in 20th Century Classical Music


His critics see him as an intellectual of music. For his followers, a master. In his interpretations as a conductor of the great composers of the 20th century (Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky ... but also Zappa), as well as through his own compositions, Pierre Boulez was able to establish himself as one of the innovators of the 20th century until his death in 2016.

This exhibit pays tribute to him through 60 years of music and art history and of the history of politics and ideas. It is likewise an opportunity to admire, through the medium of music, the works of Cezanne, Klee, Giacometti, and Bacon – artists who had inspired him.

Composer, conductor, theorician, professor, founder of institutions: the exhibit presents the several facets of the career of Pierre Boulez.



CCP Online


CCP ONLINE continues its mission in making arts matter in the lives of Filipinos.

In response to the community quarantine currently in place, the Cultural Center of the Philippines is realigning its artistic programs with the goal of protecting lives and livelihoods while continuing to deliver educational and inspiring content to Filipinos through alternative platforms.

CCP Arts and Culture Online offers the video streaming of HD and archival recordings in theater, dance, visual arts, film, literary and workshop events from its Cultural Content Digital Archives.


The Ghosts of Versailles : John Corigliano’s Opera at the Château de Versailles

Inspired by Beaumarchais’ "The Guilty Mother," "The Ghosts of Versailles" brings together Figaro, Count Almaviva, Rosine and Cherub in a story full of twists and turns. Their objective? To save the head of Marie-Antoinette. A rare opera to be discovered in a place that suits her perfectly: the Royal Opera House of the Château de Versailles.

Available from March 3, 2020 to February 14, 2021.

Georges Feydeau’s La Dame de chez Maxim

As we continue our commitment to the promotion of the performing arts, and more particularly of the theater tradition in France, we present another stage play created by Georges Feydeau, a French playwright whose other work, "La Puce à l’Oreille," was adapted locally and performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2019.

The Comédie-Française sings Boris Vian

In celebration of the centenary of the birth of the acclaimed French writer, poet and musician Boris Vian, the Jeudis Culturels (Cultural Thursdays) team would have wanted to organize a live performance featuring a French artist. In the current situation, we invite you instead to enjoy this beautiful show presented by the Comédie-Française.

Boris Vian was a multi-talented artist: a writer, poet, singer, musician, theater director, jazz aficionado. The theater group of the Comédie-Française pays tribute to his many talents in a Cabaret directed by Serge Bagdassarian set in the 1950s, highlighting the works of the "Prince of St. Germain des Près," the unconditional lover of jazz.




Virtual visit: Cité internationale des arts

Since its establishment in 1965, the Cité internationale des arts has been welcoming artists-in-residence from all over the world. The Cité encourages cross-cultural dialogue and provides a venue where artists can meet with audiences
and other professionals.


The Cité internationale des arts is located on two separate sites: the first in Paris’ Marais district and the second in Montmartre. In partnership with 135 organizations in France and abroad, the Cité’s two complementary sites welcome each month more than 300 artists representing a wide range of disciplines for residencies lasting at least six months.

Artistic creation is at the heart of the Cité internationale des arts, which features the works of artists-in-residence in Paris through a series of interviews, photographs, and videos.

Among them, discover the work of Thokozani Mhlambi, Laila Aoudj, Shatha Al-Deghady et Jehyna Sahyeir – four artists participating in the program of Institut français at the Cité internationale des arts.


© Maurine Tric

Virtual visit: Fondation Claude Monet

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© Fondation Claude Monet Giverny

Claude Monet spent 43 years of his life, from 1883 to 1926, in his home in Giverny, a village in Normandy, north of France. He had a passion for gardening, as well as for colors. In fact, he considered his garden of flowers and water as works of art. Passing through his garden and entering the house, visitors tend to feel the atmosphere that permeates throughout the home of the master of Impressionism, and marvel before the composition of flowers and lilies that were his most abundant sources of inspiration.


Virtual visit: Paris Photo 2019


Paris is undoubtedly one of the most photographed cities in the world.

Paris Photo, the largest international art fair dedicated to the photography as a medium, is annually held every November at the historic Grand Palais in Paris. Since 1997, the mission of Paris Photo is to promote and nurture photographic creation, galleries, publishers, and artists.

Paris Photo brings together up to 200 exhibitors from across the world, offering collectors and enthusiasts today’s most diverse and qualitative presentation of photography-driven projects. Leading galleries showcase historical and contemporary artworks from modern masters to young talents. Specialized publishers and art book dealers present unique and rare editions, while book launches and signature sessions featuring many of today’s most renowned artists are organized.

Paris Photo also provides visitors with first-hand insights and access to the art world. Its program includes curated exhibitions with acclaimed public and private institutions, awards, talks with curators, artists, collectors, and critics, and special events exploring the unique history of the medium – varying visions, practices and emerging trends.

The 24th Paris Photo is scheduled this November 12 to 15, 2020 at the Grand Palais. In the meantime, we invite you to take a virtual tour around its 23rd edition:

Virtual visit to the Museum of Modern Art of Paris

Welcome to the Museum of Modern Art of Paris!

Located at the Palais de Tokyo and built in 1937 in time for the International Exposition of Arts and Techniques, the Museum of Modern Art of Paris is home to a rich collection of works and important movements of the first half of the 20th century.


While waiting for the Museum of Modern Art of Paris to reopen its doors, enjoy this virtual visit possible through Museosphère:

Expo Pompéi chez vous


Enjoy a preview of the much-anticipated Expo Pompéi, initally scheduled to open last March 25, 2020 at the Grand Palais in Paris.The fully immersive exhibit retraces the history of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, from the height of its splendor to its tragic destruction due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, through a multimedia exhibit supported by new technologies which include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 360 projections and 3D reconstructions, online games, quizzes and puzzles, and more!

Experience the Expo Pompei at the website of the Grand Palais:

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