Linguistic Cooperation

The French language may not have been widely spoken in the Philippines throughout its history, but it has become one of the more popular foreign languages today. Demand for French lessons is very strong and meets specific objectives: social mobility and professional pursuit of higher education in France.

French is the first European language taught in Filipino universities. Nearly 5,000 students are learning, mainly in the sectors of International and European Studies as well as hospitality and catering. The Philippines has two universities with a language department (University of the Philippines Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University). Other universities offer optional teaching of French.

Since the establishment of a partnership with the Filipino Ministry of Education in 2009, French is also taught in 13 schools of scientific excellence to more than 1,500 students in Manila and Cebu.

Linguistic cooperation is also made possible through the involvement of various actors supported by the Embassy: Alliance française both in Manila and Cebu (about 5000 participants), the French School of Manila (300 students enrolled), and the association of French teachers in the Philippines.

Cultural Counselor Yves ZOBERMAN
Linguistic Attaché Maëlle CAMMAS

Telephone:+(632) 857 6900 / 6918 / 6922

Fax: +(632) 857 6956



  • Directory of centers with the certification "Qualité français langue étrangère” (French as a Foreign Language Quality) Répertoire de centres labellisés "Qualité français langue étrangère"
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