List of Ambassadors in chronological order


M. WILLOQUET, envoy,9 November 1946

M. COLIN, envoy,17 March 1949

M. BRIONVAL, envoy,22 July 1953

M. BRIONVAL, Ambassador,5 May 1956

M. CATTAND, Ambassador,24 August 1956

M. BRIERE, Ambassador,15 July 1960

M. de CURTON, Ambassador,2 April 1963

M. CLAUZEL, Ambassador, 30 October 1964

M. LANGE, Ambassador,21 April 1967

M. REVOL, Ambassador,25 August 1969

M. de LESTRANGES, Ambassador,27 March 1973

M. TOUZE, Ambassador,29 November 1976

M. TRECA, Ambassador,6 August 1980

M. OLIVIER, Ambassador,10 February 1983

M. LECLERC, Ambassador,13 July 1984

M. LEBLANC, Ambassador,1er June 1987

M. GAUSSOT, Ambassador,4 February 1991

M. Le CARUYER de BEAUVAIS, Ambassador,14 November 1994

M. CHOURAQUI, Ambassador,17 September 1998

Mme VEYRET, Ambassador,24 April 2002

M. CHESNEL, Ambassador,26 September 2005

M. BORJA de MOZOTA, Ambassador, 15 January 2009

M. GARACHON, Ambassador, February 2012

M. MATHOU, Ambassador, 2015

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