The chancery’s main mission is to assist the Ambassador in his various tasks as France’s official representative and in the implementation of France’s foreign policy by explaining France’s stance on all significant international issues to the Philippine authorities, among others.

Moreover, as a tradition in the political division of an embassy, the chancery monitors the domestic situation (political, economic and social climate) of the Philippines, as well as its position on various international issues.

Lastly, the chancery contributes to the promotion of friendly relations between France and the Philippines by organising official visits of key personalities from France (from the government or others) and by encouraging exchanges of views between the officials of the two countries.

Ambassador Thierry MATHOU
Deputy Head of Mission Laurent LEGODEC
Counselor for Political Affairs Christine CAROLE

Contact Information

Telephone +632 857 6900
Fax +632 857 6948

Dernière modification : 02/08/2017

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