Results of the World Wide Views on Climate and Energy, June 6, 2015 [fr]

Last June 6, 2015, the Philippines joined 10,000 citizens from 76 countries all over the world in participating in the World Wide Views on Climate and Energy public consultation forum.

In the Philippines, 100 Filipino citizens from various backgrounds gathered in the SEAMEO-INNOTECH Regional Institute to share their opinions on climate change and its effects on their lives and on their environment. Through briefing documents and 5 educational videos, the participants formed groups of 6 to 8 to discuss 5 themes that would be tackled at COP21.

The global citizens’ debate will bring these views on climate change to the attention of governments, public officials, UN institutions, local authorities, stakeholders, and companies in preparation for the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris this December.

Find the synthesis of the global consultation below:

PDF - 979.7 kb
Results of the World Wide Views public consultation
(PDF - 979.7 kb)

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