Speech of French President François Hollande before the people of Guiuan, Eastern Samar [fr]

Guiuan – Friday, February 27, 2015

Mayor Christopher Sheen Gonzales,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am here today at Guiuan to show to the world what happened here, what you have suffered due to the disaster, the typhoon - your houses destroyed, your fishing port damaged, your church collapsed, your market devastated. I want to show the world that this catastrophe was caused by climate change.

But I also want to show the world your courage, your strength, your resilience. You have suffered, but you have acted, and this is an example for the international community.

I am here in the name of France, who has helped you, who has supported you in your painful and difficult moments. With the Mayor, we have signed an agreement to help you further, but still, this will not suffice.

France has a great commitment to all the nations of the world. France will be hosting the climate change conference in December. This conference had already been lit by your light, of Guiuan. We will be convincing all the other countries of the world to sign a universal and binding agreement in Paris so that other countries would not experience other disasters.

When I open this conference, I will remember your faces. And when I end the conference, if successful, I will also remember your faces and say that we have acted for the world and for the community here in Guiuan, so that others will not experience what you have gone through.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, Mayor Gonzales, you give us courage, strength, and hope. Yesterday, with President Aquino, we launched the Call of Manila for which to gather everyone to join a universal alliance for the success of this climate conference. I promise you we’ll succeed in Paris, we must obtain the results. We must do that because you are here and you wait for that, the people, the world. We’ll act for you and I want, we want a success in Paris.

Thank you very much. Be courageous, be yourself, be proud of yourself. Thank you.

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