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The Alliance Française de Manille and SM Aura Premier, in partnership with the Embassy of France to the Philippines, present In the Middle, a hip-hop performance by the French group the Swaggers, on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 8:00pm at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier. This event is organized in collaboration with the France-Philippines United Action Foundation, the proceeds of which will benefit its projects in rebuilding houses for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.


The Swaggers

I wanted to build this show as a movie.

I like the image that leaves traces non-palpable without necessarily
giving explanations.

It leaves an emotion, a state, a sensation, a taste, an odor. I also like to fantasize and sublimate situations that are quite ordinary. It is born from a questioning: How to stay consistent when emotions overwhelm us? The notion of emotion is therefore at the heart of this play, without wanting to fall into the overwrought emotionalism, I wanted to work on an instinctive journey.

A movement supporting an emotion that I would call the immediate movement, gives life to a gesture. Create an image to make it alive. Starting from the shape to move towards the bottom but this one arrives instinctively in research workshop. Let the imaginary speak to understand, after only, the results from it.

It is also a work on the body itself because it is a wonderful tool of emotional reading and it allows to share the emotion. We distend it, we congratulate it, we ovate it, we undergo it, we listen to it, to finally realize that we are all at once. A multitude of emotions, meetings, sta ges, as well as music, images, gestures ... So the question has arisen about the emotions: which ones? And how to show them? Music played a decisive role because each music reminds me of an emotion and establishes a universe. For each universe there is a unique and different gesture, movement.

For me it is essential to leave a room for interpretation to the reader who will
use his own references to accommodate these universes.

On stage

In the middle is also to be coherent individually within a group. The sharing of emotion or the consequence of it on others.

I eventually realized that the structure of the show wa s similar to the creation process. The emotions that are evoked and the sta ges we have been through in the creation of the show are found on stage, in a fantasy image according to the worlds that receive each emotion symbolically.

The light inspired by photographs or cinematographic sets is meant to be exhilarating and mysterious to sublimate the universes while leaving a large part of self-projection to the viewer. I like to lead the public in different dreams and make him lose his visual cues. The show is dark; the stage is almost non-existent as if nothing had never really been true.

For the costumes, I took inspirat ion from the iconographic silhouettes of women with strong personalities, I wanted something graphic, feminine and strong at the same time. The music is very different depending the topics that are covered, like all the emotions that overwhelm us, sometimes too strong, aggressive, or full of tenderness.

The Crew

- Laura Defretin
- Lydie Alberto
- Carmel Loanga
- Julie Moreau
- Diana Ukbulut
- Oumoo Sy

Lighting : Judith Leray

Floor Director : Joris Fistolet



France-Philippines United Action Foundation

Partner foundation of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines.

Born in November 2013 after Typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda) wiped out entire villages in the Philippines.

The FPUA develops programs focused on “Building Back Better Communities” through: housing rehabilitation, health, and children’s welfare.

The FPUA already completed two rehabilitation sites in northern Cebu, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines and the Red Cross, and thanks to the financial contributions of French Compa nies. More than 200 disaster-resilient houses were built for the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

A third village will soon be rising in Bogo City, Northern Cebu and will
include 46 permanent houses as well a multipurpose center. This project will
benefit more than 250 victims of typhoon Haiyan who still live in extremely
precarious conditions and in zones at risk.

The FPUA offers quality and secure housing solutions for communities vulnerable to disasters. The housing rehabilitation efforts of FPUA contribute in achieving inclusive growth and reducing poverty in the Philippines.

Part of the funds collected from the tickets sales of this event will contribute to the completion of the village in Bogo City and allow families to move in.

To know more about the FPUA, contact
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Download the press kit here.
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