Visa exemption for citizens of the Marshall Islands [fr]

Beginning June 28, 2016, the date of entry into force of the liberalization agreement between the European Union and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, citizens of the Republic of Marshall Islands shall be exempted from visas to enter and stay within the Schengen area for travels not exceeding 90 days every 180-day period.

This exemption covers all purposes of travel, including travel involving the exercise of gainful activity. However, this provision has a very narrow scope as it has been prescribed that the same does not apply to businessmen, athletes, artists performing an activity on ad-hoc basis, journalists sent by the media of their country of residence, and employees travelling for the purpose of training.

Note: Citizens of the Republic of Marshall Islands who intend to exercise gainful activity in France are nevertheless required to secure a Work Authorization when French legislation requires it.

Dernière modification : 05/12/2016

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