World Health Day 2018: Towards universal health coverage [fr]

As the World Health Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, France participated in the celebration marking World Health Day last April 6, 2018 in Manila.

While the WHO is pleased with the increase in life expectancy and the global decline of some diseases such as polio, many concerns remain, including an upsurge in infectious diseases and effects of climate change and changing lifestyles on public health.


This year, the WHO focuses on the question of universal health coverage (UHC). The goal is to move towards a situation in which all individuals and communities would benefit from all the health services they need (health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care) without experiencing financial difficulties.

The stakes are high since almost half of the world’s population still lacks full coverage of essential health services as more than 800 million people (nearly 12% of the world’s population) spend at least 10% of their budget in health care. This implies strengthening health systems in all countries, as well as sound funding mechanisms and quality public service.


In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, all United Nations Member States, including France and the Philippines, have pledged to reach this goal of universal health coverage by 2030.

This gathering was an opportunity to discuss the different global health systems and share good practices.

Dernière modification : 21/06/2018

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