• French Ambassador Thierry Mathou receives Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan (...)

    13 June 2017

    French Ambassador Thierry Mathou receives Foreign Affairs (...)

    French Ambassador Thierry Mathou and Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alan Peter Cayetano have lunch together at the French Residence on June 12 to celebrate Independence Day and 70 years of friendship between France and the Philippines.

  • 22nd French Film Festival

    6 June 2017

    22nd French Film Festival

    Each year, over 15,000 moviegoers are treated to critically-acclaimed French films that provide a mirror into French society. From June 9 to 17, the 22nd French Film Festival continues this tradition with 13 French films that will immerse Filipinos in a different form of storytelling that portrays French values, culture, and language.

  • Ravel Unraveled French classical music concert

    6 June 2017

    Ravel Unraveled French classical music concert

    Renowned French pianist François Chaplin performs together with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra for an evening of French classical music on June 22, 2017, 8:00pm at the Cultural Center of the Philippines to celebrate 70 years of friendship between France and the Philippines.

  • Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic

    22 May 2017

    Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic

    The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, was inaugurated on 14 May 2017 for 5 years. He succeeds François Hollande and is the 8th elected president of the 5th French Republic.

  • PhilFrance : Feel French !

    27 February 2017

    PhilFrance : Feel French !

    2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between France and the Philippines. To celebrate this milestone, the Embassy of France, together with its institutional partners, launches "PhilFrance: Feel French !", a year-long program of activities offering the Filipino public an opportunity to “feel France” in all aspects.

    Welcome Message from the Ambassador

    The website of the Embassy of France aims to respond to your questions concerning French presence in the Philippines and in Micronesia. It will be restructured in the coming months and will be complemented by a monthly online newsletter.

    PhilFrance : Feel French !

    2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between France and the Philippines. To celebrate this milestone, the Embassy of France, together with its institutional partners, launches "PhilFrance: Feel French !", a year-long program of activities offering the Filipino public an opportunity to “feel France” in all aspects.

    For more information, click here.

    In photos: France in the Philippines and in Micronesia

    Cabinet secretaries, senators, representatives and government officials were among the guests at the dinner hosted by the French Ambassador on the occasion of Goût de France (March 2017)
    Cabinet secretaries, senators, representatives and government officials were among the guests at the dinner hosted by the French Ambassador on the occasion of Goût de France (March 2017)
    Chef Pierre Cornelis and his students from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde before preparations for the Goût de France dinner at the French Residence (March 2017)
    Chef Pierre Cornelis and his students from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde before preparations for the Goût de France dinner at the French Residence (March 2017)
    The Virlanie Choir honors women through music on International Women's Day (March 2017)
    The Virlanie Choir honors women through music on International Women’s Day (March 2017)
    Atout France's Tourism and Spirituality Cluster meets the Philippine press (March 2017)
    Atout France’s Tourism and Spirituality Cluster meets the Philippine press (March 2017)
    PhilFrance Fashion Week (February 2017)
    PhilFrance Fashion Week (February 2017)
    Miss Universe 2017 Iris Mittenaere and French Ambassador Thierry Mathou (January 2017)
    Miss Universe 2017 Iris Mittenaere and French Ambassador Thierry Mathou (January 2017)
    Launch of "PhilFrance : Feel French !", a year-long festival to celebrate the 70th year anniversary of French-Philippine diplomatic relations (January 2017)
    Launch of "PhilFrance : Feel French !", a year-long festival to celebrate the 70th year anniversary of French-Philippine diplomatic relations (January 2017)
    Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and Gérard Miquel, President of the France-Southeast Asia Friendship Group of the French Senate, together with their respective delegations, French Ambassador Thierry Mathou, and Philippine Ambassador Theresa Lazaro (January 2017)
    Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and Gérard Miquel, President of the France-Southeast Asia Friendship Group of the French Senate, together with their respective delegations, French Ambassador Thierry Mathou, and Philippine Ambassador Theresa Lazaro (January 2017)

    She for She Portraits

    Maria Leonor Robredo | Vice-President, Republic of the Philippines | When women come together to fight for our liberties, we will continue to flourish and conquer new heights. Only then can our talents blossom for the larger good. Women empowerment is a foundation of our nation.
    Risa Hontiveros | Senator, Republic of the Philippines | In my work as an activist and a legislator, I take pride in belonging to the women's movement. My ‘kabaro' have taught me that women's rights are not given, they are fought for and won by women.
    Emmeline L. Verzosa | Executive Director, Philippine Commission on Women | Solidarity for women means working collectively to promote, protect and uphold gender equality and women's empowerment as a political, socio-economic and ethical value. It means paying attention to the diversity of women's identities, lived experiences, and social positions resulting from the intersection of class, ethnicity, age, abilities, faith, political affiliations, sexual orientation and gender identities; and yet finding links and commonalities amidst these differences. Solidarity thus means addressing the structural as well as the specific types and forms of discrimination, marginalization, violence and inequalities that women experience. Solidarity for women is also about celebrating the strength and power of the collectivity, the richness that can come out of the differences, the resolve of commonalities and women's dignity, autonomy and freedom.
    Rep. Emmeline Aglipay-Villar | Representative, DIWA Party-list | Women's solidarity is not a feeling but a commitment, a fidelity toward the betterment of women as a whole. It is recognizing that beneath the things that make us different, we are bound together, both by our womanhood and how that womanhood is perceived by a still-patriarchal society. At the same time, solidarity acknowledges that the experience of womanhood can vary from person to person — that factors such as health and economic privilege matter — and that standing in solidarity with women in need may mean deferring to those whose experiences diverge from our own.
    Gertrudes Ranjo-Libang | Vice-Chairperson, Gabriela | SOLIDARITY is …Making a firm stand on the issues of other movements be these sectoral or national or local …Linking their issues with the issues and struggle of one's own movement; …And organizing, acting and mobilizing to gain the support and solidarity of others.
    Lexi Schulze | News Anchor, ANC | Women in the workplace, all over the world, already have so many obstacles to face—from unequal pay to sexual harassment. Though there are advocacies and steps being taken to perturb these practices and occurrences, there is yet another sad truth that has to be given attention: WOMEN BRINGING DOWN OTHER WOMEN. That awful reality that we Filipinos like to call Crab Mentality, unfortunately, is still very much alive and well—and it's at its most hideous when the story involves one Juana trying to claw her way to the top by tearing another Juana apart for the sake of her own success. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. To the Juana out there who has repeatedly been pushed to the ground by a female co-worker, HAVE FAITH. Stick to trying your best, take constructive criticism from the proper people to improve in your craft, and surround yourself with a tribe who genuinely wants to see you grow, learn, and succeed. Reversely, to the Juana who has no room in her heart and mind for the success of the multitude over that of her own, I appeal to your innate feminine existence to embrace your sisters in this lifetime—as we are here to help, not harm. I have had my share of the good and the bad. However, I know which ones is part of my tribe... and for them...I AM GRATEFUL.
    Sister Mary John Mananzan, OSB | Executive Director of Institute of Women's Studies, St. Scholastica's College | What women solidarity means for me is having a genuine interest in the concerns, problems and endeavors of women. It means expressing one's empathy and compassion whenever any woman suffers any form of exploitation, oppression or violence. It also means doing one's best in furthering the development and empowerment of women.
    Hilda C. Aytin | Executive Director, SEED Center Philippines Inc. | Women's solidarity is realized when women recognizes the forms, means and most importantly roots of their oppression and exploitation, and from these take conscious and collective actions to change this state not only for them but for society as a whole.
    Miany M. Rabino | Seamstress, Plush and Play | Women solidarity is about women empowering one another, women working together to improve their rights, their quality of life, and their livelihood.
    Cheryl G. Binarao | Seamstress, Plush and Play | Ang ibig sabihin sa akin ng pagkakaisa ay pagkaraon ng magandang halimbawa para sa bawat isa sa atin. Kung mayroon man tayong gustong gawin ay kailangan natin i-pakita o i-pahayag pa pamamagitan ng gawa. Bilang mamayang Pilipino, ako ay nakiki-isa sa kanilang layunin na mapaganda at mapaayos ang takbo ng buhay ng kapwa Pilipino.
    Ayeen Karunungan | Climate Program Director, Dakila; Writer; Journalist | Women's solidarity means standing up for and with every woman in her fight. It means recognizing all forms of oppression and helping each other break free from them. It means acknowledging the intersectionality of each woman. It means lifting each other up to the heights of our own potentials, holding each other's hands to support one another. It means dreaming together, resisting together, trudging together until every woman is safe, respected and seen as equal members of society.
    Natashya Gutierrez | Regional Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Rappler | It's important to live every day conscious of how our actions advance us women: by standing up for one another, lifting each other up rather than pulling each other down, letting each other shine without envy or insecurity, and understanding that the success of every woman is the success of all women. When we personify this, when women's solidarity is a priority in our lives, then the rest come naturally: fighting for equality together, speaking up for voiceless women who don't enjoy the same rights we do, and contributing to efforts at home and in the world to ensure that girls and women live a life free of fear, discrimination and barriers.
    Bernadette V. Neri Manunulat | Guro, Lesbiyana, Aktibista | Ito ang aktibong pakikilahok ng mga sektor ng mga kababaihan at LGBT sa malawak na hanay ng mamamayang nakikibaka para sa pagkakapantay-pantay, kalayaan sa uri, katarungan at kapayapaan.
    Naomi Fontanos | Activist; Educator | Women's solidarity for me means changing the material conditions of womankind and other marginalized groups through collective action for the better. It means directing our collective anger at patriarchal oppression and exploitation not at each other but towards uplifting the quality of life of women and those who bear the brunt of social injustice based on race, class, ability, age, religion, ethnic/ national origin, sexual orientation, and gender identity or gender expression and other status. It means working together to dismantle social structures that perpetuate the oppression of people including neo-colonialism, capitalism, and white supremacy.
    Meggan Evangelista | Executive Director, Babaylanes Inc; Member, Akbayan Women | Being in solidarity with other women is acknowledging that each of us is different from one another but are bonded by our victories over forces that keep us oppressed. We stick together for courage and look to each other for inspiration.
    Nicky H. Castillo | Overall Co-Coordinator, Metro Manila Pride | Women's solidarity means always remembering that not all women's experiences are the same, but they are all valid. It means constantly creating spaces for these intersecting experiences to be heard, to be centered, and to seek justice. Solidarity is standing up for your sisters, not just your cisters. It is speaking up to support them but never speaking over them. At its core, solidarity is listening, apologizing when needed, and committing to working towards personal and societal change together.
    Ging Cristobal | Project Coordinator, Asia & Pacific Islands Region OutRight Action International | Women solidarity for me is men and women support inclusion and respect of diversity that goes beyond comfort zones, to include gender non-conforming and transgender women, so that we can mutually move forward to work for equality and equity of women's right.
    Ma. Emma R. Solasco | Registered Social Worker, Virlanie; Licensed Teacher | It is an effort to make women feel that they are special, equal and full of potential to contribute change in the nation building. It is bringing out the best from them, believing that women can be as equal as men and to be given equal opportunity in the society.
    Cham Perez | Researcher, Center for Women's Resources | Women's solidarity is an expression of marginalized women's aspirations and struggle for genuine social change, a unity to create a better world for all.
    Atty. Jazz Tamayo | SOGIE Rights Advocate, Rainbow Rights PH | Women's solidarity means finding common ground rather than differences. It means questioning and suspending preconceived notions, valuing each other's humanity, and seeing the different experiences as all equally valid stories.
    Sharon Cabusao | Spokesperson, Free Our Sisters Free Ourselves Campaign, GABRIELA | Women's solidarity isn't simply about abstract concepts of sisterhood, bonding. It is about a common commitment, a willingness to wage war - against injustice, wars of aggression, impoverishment, patriarchy - in short, it is about bringing down everything that prevents us women from realizing our full humanity... because women want nothing less than a new and free world.
    Rhodora Abano | Migrant Advocate | Women's solidarity is taking up and fighting for the rights of women, whoever, wherever they may be; improving myself as a woman so I can stand up to this task; standing up to those who discriminate against, exploit and oppress women including the misogynist president and other similar government officials because they are mandated to promote and protect the rights of everyone, including women.
    Maria Katrina Manalo | Founder - Aurelia & Amelia Enterprise | Women solidarity is when independent women come together to collaborate ideas and work together to create a positive solution to a certain local or national issue.
    Jane Vargas | House Painter, MAKALAYA | Women's solidarity is a space where individual strength of women are banded together to produce collective power in order to make meaningful participation and contributions not only in the development of the communities they live in but also in the society as a whole.
    Sabrina Gacad | UX Designer; Feminist | Not all women graduate from school, nor do we all get decent jobs that pay decent wages; not all choose to get married, some are forced into it, and some reject even the very concept of it. Some will plan their families, some will plan not to have one, and some will end up in circumstances that did not go according to plan, while others still will not have the power to make plans for themselves. But all of us, at least once in our lives, would have heard our circumstances dismissed as merely products of poor choices, bad judgment, or letting emotions get the better of you. Solidarity means rejecting that judgment and believing that women are doing what they think is best to cope with very limited circumstances. Solidarity means being creative in unifying different women (and men) towards improving the very same circumstances that keep women from living better lives.
    Sylvia Estrada Claudio | Chairperson, Department of Women and Development Studies CSWCD | When my Metro Manila-based organization ‘Likhaan' sent our best team of urban poor women leaders to Eastern Samar after Yolanda/Haiyan. They brought radios, seeds for vegetables and contraceptives. Their story of women organized to meet their challenges and planting seeds in communal gardens while dancing to the music of those radios, highlights women's solidarity.
    Mary Joan A. Guan | Executive Director, Center for Women's Resources | Women's solidarity signifies a bond among women as well as a bond with other marginalized sectors in society. It shows collective action to call for jobs, land, peace, justice, and all other socio-political and economic concerns that will emancipate women from poverty. Solidarity with other marginalized women and sectors heightens the power of change that will construct a society free from exploitation, oppression, discrimination, prejudices, and violence. In solidarity, we resist, we resolve, we rise.
    Magdalena Bacalando | Community Mobilizer Coordinator, Likhaan Center for Women's Health | Ang pag organisa, pagtulong sa pagpanday at paghubog para mailabas ang sariling kakayanan ng mga mahihirap na kababaihan at kabataan ay pagpapakita ng kapatiran.
    Junice l.d. Melgar M.D. | Executive Director, Likhaan Center for Women's Health | Solidarity with women means living their lives in their shanties, workplaces or in the streets. It means fighting with them for their rights, even against the odds.
    Sabine Claudio | Executive Director, CAMELEON ASSOCIATION | For me, solidarity among women expresses itself beautifully and strongly when they struggle. In CAMELEON, the girls are supporting each other a lot when one is feeling down. It is very moving. Even after their stay in our center they continue nurturing these strong solidarity links.
    Twyla Rubin | Lawyer, Center for Gender Equality and Women's Human Rights, Commission on Human Rights | For me, women's solidarity begins with recognition that as a woman, you are not alone in your pain and in your struggle; that your voice and your story while unique, is part of many, a thread of a narrative. It is the conscious decision to act together; that in diversity, a collective, a sisterhood is possible, working towards freedom, dignity and justice for all and of all women, everywhere.
    Chang Jordan | Women's Legal and Human Rights Bureau (WLB) | Women's solidarity is when women refuse to remain silent about women's bondage and subjugation in the society. It is when women find other women's stories of struggle and triumph as their own. It is the testament of women fighting and resisting the systems that define and confine what it means to be a woman. Women's solidarity is women breaking free from chains of sexism, misogyny, patriarchy and heteronormativity. Women's solidarity is the forces of all women combined. Women's solidarity is power.
    Trisha O'Bannon/ Maven | Burlesque Performer; Alternative Model; Spoken Word Artist | Women's solidarity means fighting for equal rights for all women - economically and socially, whether or not you personally agree with their choices. What matters is that we can all make those choices for ourselves.
    Danielle Gorre | Co-creator, FeministPH | Women solidarity to me means supporting and empowering each woman regardless of differences in lifestyle, culture, sexuality or religion.
    Maria Ressa | CEO, Rappler; Journalist; Author
    Russel Delovino | Volunteer, Likhaan Center for Women's Health | Para sa akin ang kahulugan ng kapatiran ng kababaihan ay mahalaga, mabuti at mainam dahil malaki ang maitutulong sa lipunan. Nagpapakita rin ng kakayanang maipagtanggol ang sarili bilang babae at nalalaman na kung ano ba ang karapatan namin bilang babae. Ako bilang volunteer, walang trabaho at may pitong anak kahit hindi pantawid at hindi kilala sa lipunan hindi lang sa pera ang pwede ko maitulong kundi maipamahagi ko sa mga kabataan, may asawa at sa katulad kong ina ang mga natutunan at napag-aralan ko sa iba.
    Nikki Cordero | Co-creator of FeministPH | To me, women solidarity means lifting and being lifted by women in a world full of people trying to put us down.
    Gyky Tangente | Advocacy Officer, GALANG Philippines, Inc. | It's coming together of women from various walks of live, from diverse classes, sexualities, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, abilities, age, race, ethnicity, etc. It brings together rich experiences, expertise, and knowledge to help in the plight for freedom from violence and any form of discrimination. This is the true essence of "no one is being left behind.
    Fritzie Rodriguez | Multimedia story producer at Save the Children | Women's solidarity is about creating unity amidst diversity. It means women drawing strength from one another.
    Noelle Capili | @IndividNoellism, Social Media influencer | It means if one falls, we are here to help her stand and fight.
    Undersecretary Alma Rita Jimenez | Department of Tourism | Solidarity means being able to stand for and with every woman who are victims of abuses, who are marginalized by discrimination and who are deprived of the opportunity to fully realize their potential simply because of their gender. It means being willing to speak out for the women who cannot - in defense of their right to live as equals in a society that respects who they are and who they want to be.
    Anita “Anette” E. Baleda | Chief, Policy Development and Advocacy Division, Philippine Commission on Women | Solidarity for women means working together (despite the differences in backgrounds, ideologies, socio-economic status, affiliations, etc.) towards the common goal of women's empowerment and gender equality. It means having a collective voice and supporting each other to reach the common goal.
    Ellene Sana | Executive Director, Center For Migrant Advocacy | Solidarity with women migrant workers — it is advocating for an enabling legal and social environment so their work is properly valued and recognized. It is advocating for recognition of their contributions to economic and social development not only of the Philippines but also of the countries of destination; it is about advocating for their labor rights as well as for their women's human rights, de facto and de jure; it is about having empathy for them while recognizing their own agencies.
    Maloy Quesada Tiongson | Resourcing Manager Asia, VSO Philippines | Being part of VSO, women's solidarity means creating and facilitating spaces where women's voices and perspectives are heard and, ultimately, shape the decisions that affect the lives of women, men, girls and boys.
    Arlene Mahinay | Head of Programmes, VSO Philippines | As a VSO staff, women's solidarity for me means being able to hold hands with other women and be there for them, and in turn getting my hands held if and when I need it.
    Ching Abril | Development Professional, VSO | It is about being there with my fellow women in their struggles, in empowering ourselves as co-equal with our male counterpart, asserting our dignity as human being. It is about celebrating our womanhood.
    Rina Atienza | Social Engineer | Women's solidarity is more than mutual support for one another. It should be fluid, allowing for diversity of differences and strengths, where men are also invited to be partners. It combines individual roles with community values, collectively moving to improve the human condition. The female gender is a connection point, but it's not just about women.
    Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo | Academic and Activist | Solidarity means seeing the world with women's multiple lenses and finding it beautiful and worth living and struggling for. Solidarity means including the excluded, and linking arms with them in fighting against the forces of exclusion. Solidarity means resisting and building at the same time. Solidarity means cutting the wires of all the cages that imprison us, so we can all fly free and soar to the sky.
    Arlene B. Lamban MD, FPCP, FPSN | Nephrologist, National Kidney & Transplant Institute; Makati Medical Center; Las Piñas Doctors Hospital | Solidarity among women is a tangible bond that gives credit to the dynamic evolution of the roles of women in the society. We have gone beyond being confine in our homes. We have raised our standards. We have become leaders, team players, innovators and achievers in our chosen fields. Though we recognize these strengths, we remain appropriate, appreciative and graceful.
    Ea Torrado | Dance artist; Choreographer; Artistic Director, Daloy Dance Company | Choosing to be kinder. The world is shifting in the wrong direction- bullies in authority are valuing money and power over the environment, people, lives and human dignity. We can't be divided on the stance that the right to live a decent life is something that is for ALL. Women are oppressed. And women are assholes. Patriarchy brought us up with violence and misogyny. It is so deeply embedded in us that kindness towards one another is a revolution all on its own.
    Joms Salvador | Secretary General, GABRIELA | Women's solidarity is when women across social and economic positions come together to wage a common battle against forces that oppress and exploit them, that render them invisible and powerless for the simple yet complex reason that they are women. When women, aware of their oppression and dare stand in unity to confront their situation and struggle together to give birth to a new society where women will be truly free and empowered, that is women's solidarity, beautiful solidarity.
    Patricia | Visual Artist/ Painter | Solidarity, similar to unity, is different individuals putting aside their differences in order to work towards a common goal which would be beneficial to everyone involved and even those beyond.
    Carmel Laurino | Founder, Kalsada Coffee Company | Women's solidarity to me is not just about women supporting each other in their endeavors. It is more so about being passionate and daring to create a community and a world where women are inspired and empowered to think, speak, and act to enhance their lives and dignity; where women are free to take control of their paths and fates to true and genuine equality; where together we are all ushering a future filled with compassion and hope, to something new and everlasting.
    Christine Bermudez | Economics & Political Science Instructor, University of Santo Tomas | I am a woman. I gain my strength from men. I draw my courage from other women. I find power in the knowledge of my imperfection as a human.
    Reina Reyes | Data Scientist, Astrophysicist and Lecturer at Ateneo de Manila University | It means that I'm not alone, not alone in my suffering, and not alone in my aspirations for myself, and for all women— to be fully human, to be not-Other, to be happy. So we may be from different generations, cultures, backgrounds, circumstances, and degrees of privilege, and still we can act together from our common ground of experience and aspiration for all women, and indeed, for all who are marginalized in our society.
    Yasmine Hidalgo | Director of Public Relations, Sofitel Philippine Plaza | Women's solidarity is letting our voices be heard and not allowing ourselves to be treated less than an equal. It is also supporting one another's advancement in life and not accepting or promulgating double standards.
    Dagny Ayaay | Director for Special Projects, Art Plus Magazine | Women face a lot of issues such as sexism, gender wage gap, sexual harassment and violence. We can only overcome this by standing together. While we support other women in whatever choices they have to make for themselves, we cannot only concern ourselves with women's issues; we also need to rally behind those who face inequality and discrimination because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Solidarity means equal rights for all.
    Mylene Lising | Archaeologist | Women's solidarity is more about appreciating and celebrating our unique gifts and shared values as women than it is about physical commonality and comparisons to men.
    Dr. Corazon Claudio | Member, Board of Advisers, Philippine Navy; Board Director, Philippine Business for the Environment & others in the environment, science & technology, & communication fields | We, women, are a diverse group of human beings. But we share common ‘interests, purposes, and sympathies,' in short, solidarity, about the well-being of our mother earth, which affects our and our children's well-being and survival, but which is now threatened gravely by climate change. Many women are now joining hands in solidarity in taking and leading climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, with knowledge, expertise, and, most importantly, love and concern.
    Dr. Mina Roces | Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia |
    Red Tani | President, Filipino Freethinkers | Solidarity with women means feminism. It means respecting and protecting the rights of women and girls in all their diversity, and fighting with them for those rights that they deserve but have yet to be granted.
    The Star Ore and Foxy Gray | Performing Artists
    Héloïse La Harpe | Electric Harpist; Contemporary Music Composer; Singer | We are always here for each other, to be united, to pass on the courage and tenacity, to face this journey more brightly... To succeed in happiness, because Happiness is success - this I believe in!
    Maria Irene Divina Lopez | Former street child & drug user; Human Resource Officer, ACAY Missions Philippines Inc. | Women Solidarity is bringing women together with shared vision to act, to move forward and to support the needs of others. ACAY gives importance in the life of young women through its Pedagogical Approach, which gives inner healing, and wholeness of oneself.
    Mylene Hega | Researcher, MAKALAYA | Women's solidarity is an urgent call to resist misogyny and sexism in our society; and to persist, utilizing various platforms, to uphold the dignity and defend the rights of every woman.
    Alice Arnoco | ATE Co Beneficiary | Mahalaga ang samahan ng kababaihan tungo sa pagunlad ng kabuhayan ng bawat pamilya.
    Elena Quintana | ATE Co Beneficiary | Para sa akin mahalaga ang samahan ng kababaihan kung ito'y nagkakaisa, nagdadamayan at nagtutulungan sa pag aksyon sa mga suliranin ng kapwa naming kababaihan.
    Loreen Ordoño | Overall Co-Coordinator, Metro Manila Pride; Editor-in-Chief, FEIST Magazine | It's about supporting each other — collectively fighting to raise each other up in order to change society's perception of our strength and womanity. It's believing that we deserve the space our bodies take up in this world.
    Louise Meets | Writer and Spoken Word Artist | For me, the core of solidarity among women is empathy. It means fighting for the rights of our fellow women, yes. But it also means acknowledging and understanding that we all have very diverse oppressive experiences, and we have to consciously expand the scope of our fight to include the concerns of ALL women, regardless of race, class, SOGIE, political leanings, or religious beliefs.

    Through this exhibition, women from different walks of life shared with us their definition of women’s solidarity. These portraits were displayed during the She For She: Night event at the Pineapple Lab last May 16, 2017. See the exhibit here.

    Calendar of events in France 2017

    Experience major French events: festivals, gastronomic food events, and events in music, sports, dance, painting, sculpture, contemporary art, architecture, theatre, the circus, and more!


    • The Swaggers : In The Middle

      22 May 2017

      The Swaggers : In The Middle

      The Alliance Française de Manille and SM Aura Premier, in partnership with the Embassy of France to the Philippines, present In the Middle, a hip-hop performance by the French group the Swaggers, on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, (...)

    • Inauguration of the Air Liquide factory in Laguna

      11 May 2017

      Inauguration of the Air Liquide factory in Laguna

      Last April 24, 2017, French Ambassador Thierry Mathou attended the inauguration of the new industrial gas (nitrogen) production unit of Air Liquide Philippines located in the Calamba Premiere Industrial Park.

    • She for She : A Forum to Celebrate Women's Solidarity

      11 May 2017

      She for She : A Forum to Celebrate Women’s Solidarity

      She for She, a forum which takes place on May 16, 2017 as part of the "PhilFrance : Feel French !" festival, aims to highlight different initiatives of women supporting other women in various fields.

    • French painter Vincent Ruffin's "About Face" exhibit

      26 April 2017

      French painter Vincent Ruffin’s "About Face" exhibit

      Through the Alliance Française de Manille-Philippine Artist Residency Program (AFM-PARP) which is in partnership with Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle, France with the support of the Embassy of France to the Philippines, (...)

    • Art Exhibition: Juvenal Sanso's Triumph of the Spirit

      12 April 2017

      Art Exhibition: Juvenal Sanso’s Triumph of the Spirit

      The Alliance Française de Manille and Fundacion Sanso, in cooperation with the Embassy of France to the Philippines, present an exhibition of the works of the renowned artist, Juvenal Sanso entitled The Triumph of the Spirit: (...)


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